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What components to use to build my first 5 inch drone!

6th Mar 2021

What components to use to build my first 5 inch drone!

Flying a drone is a thrilling encounter! The excitement of zooming all through epic areas totally submerged in the pilot's view is difficult to beat. It is something that numerous individuals are quick to take up anyway they frequently are hazy on the most proficient method to assemble a robot, where to begin. The greatest snag for some is getting their hands on their first drone with numerous hobbyists selecting to build their own.

To construct your own drone can feel like a scary assignment, it accomplished for me and there's a pile of data to swim through prior to anything begins appearing well and good. Luckily, it's not as hard as it sounds and with a little direction you'll be noticeable all around in a matter of seconds while getting some functional abilities! At first, the thought may sound alarming however I immovably accept that anyone equipped with the correct data will actually want to get on and do it moderately bother free.

By avoiding the structure part you will think that its a lot harder to analyze the issue and a lot harder to fit the new parts. On the off chance that you comprehend your construct totally you can frequently fix it without problem and likely think about what went wrong.

The most well-known kind is the Racing/Freestyle Drone. Frequently portrayed as they are generally flexible because they offer a lot of force, yet have staggering mobility and can convey an HD camera like a GoPro without a critical trade off on flight qualities. The vast majority of little quads out there now fit this classification. From different designs you can check suggested hustling drone units that we utilized and tried.

Our Suggestion for your first 5 inch drone:

Choose your frame:

For 5"+ edge sizes you ought to be searching for at any rate 4mm thick arms, for 3" - 4" you can go down to 3mm and for 2" simply 2.5mm. Any more slender than this will break excessively simple.`

A good choice will be for analogue version:

Cidora SL5 V2 FPV Freestyle Frame Kit: https://fpvworld.co.uk/cidora-sl5-v2-fpv-freestyle...


1) DC5 HD Freestyle Frame for DJI FPV Air Unit


2) HGLRC Sector 5 V3 HD Freestyle 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit


3) HGLRC Sector V2 HD Freestyle 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit


4) STP Star Power V2 Gunn FPV Freestyle Frame (Digital)


Motors and motor size.

The primary point is the size. A motor size is regularly noted in a XXYY design with the initial two digits alluding to the stator diameter in mm and the subsequent two being the stature of the magnets. Fundamentally the bigger these numbers are, the higher force the engine can create, consider it like motor size with the downside of bigger sizes being the weight. As far as execution higher force permits the engine to hit its objective speed quicker expanding the vibe and reaction of the drone. This could be helpful on account of a heavier quad or when running weighty props.


Another factor to consider is kv, this represents the engines speed steady which implies the number of RPM per volt your engine can give for instance a 2300kv engine at max speed on 10V would turn at 23000rpm. Choosing the kv esteem resembles choosing a stuff in a manual transmission. Going low gives you more torque however less maximum speed and going higher will speed up at the cost of torque. As a rule going higher requires either a major amazing engine or an extraordinarily light arrangement. A 3" setup for example will have a much higher kv rating when compared to a 5" design.(for more details current draw see tables in motor description)

4S and 6S motors for 5inch:

Cyber XING 2306.5 2-6S FPV Motor: https://fpvworld.co.uk/cyber-xing-2207-5-2-6s-fpv-...

HGLRC AEOLUS 2207.5 Brushless Motor (1750KV/2550KV) Gold: https://fpvworld.co.uk/hglrc-aeolus-2207-5-brushle...

RCInpower GTS V2 2207 Plus 1860KV Pink: https://fpvworld.co.uk/rcinpower-gts-v2-2207-plus-...

MAMBA TOKA 2207.5 1700KV/2450KV Series Racing Motor: https://fpvworld.co.uk/your-search-for-mamba-toka-...

XING X2207 2-6S FPV NextGen Unibell Motor: https://fpvworld.co.uk/xing-x2207-2-6s-fpv-nextgen...

XING CAMO X2207 2-6S FPV NextGen Motor: https://fpvworld.co.uk/xing-camo-x2207-2-6s-fpv-ne...

XING X2306 2-6S FPV NextGen Motor (unibell): https://fpvworld.co.uk/xing-x2306-2-6s-fpv-nextgen...

Choice your ESC:

4 in 1 or 4 separate ESCs?

Well that it depends on you and your budget. 

4 in 1 ESC Pros:

1) Cheaper than the separate ESC.

2) Lighter and less space.

4 in 1 ESC Cons:

1) If one of the ESCs is off you need to change all the board.


Holybro Tekko32 F3 4in1 ESC 45A: https://fpvworld.co.uk/tekko32-f3-4in1-45a/

Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 4in1 ESC 65A: https://fpvworld.co.uk/tekko32-f3-metal-4in1-esc-6...

MAMBA F40 MK2 4IN1 40A ESC DSHOT600 4-6S Electronic Speed Controller: https://fpvworld.co.uk/mamba-f40-mk2-4in1-40a-esc-...

MAMBA F50 DSHOT300/600 4IN1 ESC 50A 6S 30*30MM: https://fpvworld.co.uk/mamba-f50-dshot300-600-4in1...

4X Holybro Tekko32 35A BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200: https://fpvworld.co.uk/4x-holybro-tekko32-35a-blhe...

Flight Controller.


1) Holybro Kakute F7 HDV AIO: https://fpvworld.co.uk/kakute-f7-hdv-aio/

2) Holybro Kakute F7 mini V2: https://fpvworld.co.uk/kakute-f7-mini-v2/

3) Kakute F7 mini V3: https://fpvworld.co.uk/kakute-f7-mini-v3/

4) MAMBA F405 MINI F4 8K Flight Controller MK2: https://fpvworld.co.uk/mamba-f405-mini-f4-8k-fligh...

FPV Camera Analogue:

RunCam Eagle 3: https://fpvworld.co.uk/runcam-eagle-3/

RunCam Phoenix 2: https://fpvworld.co.uk/runcam-phoenix-2/

RunCam Racer 5: https://fpvworld.co.uk/runcam-racer-5/

Foxeer Mini Predator 5 Racing FPV Camera 4ms Latency Super WDR: https://fpvworld.co.uk/foxeer-mini-predator-5-raci...

FPV Camera Digital:

DJI FPV Air Unit: https://fpvworld.co.uk/dji-fpv-air-unit/

Caddx Vista Nebula Micro Kit DJI FPV: https://fpvworld.co.uk/caddx-vista-nebula-micro-ki...

Video transmitter:

The video transmitter takes the signal from your camera and sends it out through your antenna.

Important points:

Force Output - Different VTX's to display your video at various force levels. These regularly range from 25mW to 800mW with some contribution a methods for exchanging power yield.

Channel Options - Most current VTX's can run most of channel groups including Raceband. However long the VTX channel list is viable with your recipient you ought to be fine!


TBS Unify Pro32 Nano: https://fpvworld.co.uk/tbs-unify-pro32-nano/

RUSH TANK II V2 Ultimate 5.8G 48CH Raceband PIT/25/200/500/800mW Switchable 2-8S VTX FPV: https://fpvworld.co.uk/rush-tank-ii-v2-ultimate-5-...

HGLRC Zeus nano VTX 350mW 16x16 20x20 25.5x25.5 mm For FPV Racing Drone: https://fpvworld.co.uk/hglrc-zeus-nano-vtx-350mw-1...

Antenna for Video transmitter(VTX): 

Is up to you, you can choose one from here: https://fpvworld.co.uk/vtx-antenna/antenna/


Is up to you, you can choose one from here: https://fpvworld.co.uk/propellers/5-inch/

Do not forget to see the specification of the motor "current draw" as depends on the propeller size and then you can select your ESC.