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LG MJ1 3500mAh 10A 18650 Cell

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Weight: 47g
Type: Li-Ion
Nominal Capacity:3500mAh
Minimum Capacity:3400mAh
Nominal voltage:3.635V
Standard charge:0.5C (1700mA) 4.2V, cut-off 50mA
Max. charge voltage:4.2V +/- 0.05V
Max. charge current:1C (3400mA)
Standard discharge:0.2C (680mA), cut-off 2.5V
Max. discharge current:10A
Cycle life:400 cycles, charge 1.5A, discharge 4A (80%)


Battery Safety: Please take LiPo battery safety seriously!

Lithium batteries can be hazardous if misused and not follow the standard procedures.  

Always use a case for safe storage when not in use. Never in your pocket, purse. Keep away from keys, coins, and small metallic objects.

Batteries should never be charged in a mod. It is good practice to charge batteries on an external charger that is correctly rated for Li-Ion cells. Never leave them charging unattended and they should be removed when fully charged.

Batteries should be periodically inspected for tears and rips. 

Do not over-stress these batteries. 

The user assumes all associated risks.

UN3480 lithium ion battery label | HWP1040 | Label Source